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HOME Drum Mix Plant  {DM–35 (30/40 TPH), DM–45 (40/60 TPH), DM–50 (60/90 TPH), DM–60 (90/120 TPH), DM–65 (150 TPH ) }

Vishvakarma  is the plant of choice for contractors all over the india, who demand affordable large-scale production, long-terms performance and lowest operating costs per tones of asphalt. Plant focused on delivering a simple, dependable easy-to operate and maintain. Truly plant with a durable design that lets contactors be competitive on both large and small projects. 



Four bin feeder unit  is having four  bins and each bin is driven by individual DC  motor  drive so as  to accurately conveyor, flow of aggregate from each bin. Vibrating arrangement of bin, low level & no flow warning device of bins. four bin feeds aggregate to gathering  conveyor which  is driven by motor drive. it is fitted with electronic weighting system material is  form gathering conveyer flow to  vibrating screen for removing over size material.


Vibrating screen removes oversize materials and  feeds the remaining materials to charging conveyer. Separate size of screen can be provided for removing oversize  material is form different kind of mix.

Slinger conveyer is provide for transferring the aggregates  received from gathering conveyer as well as from vibrating screen after removing the oversize aggregates and discharging, it into dryer  drum under combustion zone.



Thermo-drum & mixing unit of  the  drum mix asphalt plant is the heart of the plant. As  called the  aggregate is headed with automatic burner to require  temperature  and bitumen is added in the drum at suitable stage and bitumen is coated evenly  to the aggregate in this drum. There are various stages in the drum like heating , mixing zone. That helps the aggregate and bitumen to heat and mix uniformly. The fins in the dryer unit are specially designed to get maximum heat efficiency that is to say minimum heat loss.

Dust collector  unit is fitted at the rear end of the plant, that is at the out put end of the plant. It is having an efficient dust collecting system and fitted with shutter, with can be varied as required. An exhaust fan having sufficient capacity to ensure an effective airflow through the dryer and through the dust – collecting unit.

Exhaust  fan having sufficient capacity to ensure an effective airflow through the dryer and through the dust collecting unit.

Load-out Conveyer  is elevates the mix aggregate to such height  that the mix material can be directly loaded in the dumper . it is fitted with hydraulically operated hopper whit helps the material to fall without segregation


Pollution Control Unit (Extreme Turbulence Venturi Type)


Exhaust inducts hot gases from the thermo drum unit, Higher pressure water jit is sprayed on to the gases which forms water based slurry and deverted to the sludge pond. Air pressure is reduced and remainting gases are exhausted. The pond is made such that, the surface water is again reused.


Nozzles and water bearing plates are made of stainless steel to resist corrosion. The sludge pond requires to be cleaned once a week based on normal site conditions. As a safety measure, always surround / cover the sludge pond with wire fence sonce, working temperature of water may be above 80 degree. It is also necessary to have the drain pipe submerged in pond.


Bitumen Tank an insulated storage tank is designed with heating system. It is insulated to prevent heat losses. Tank is equipped with separate automatic electric burner for heating the asphalt. Automatic burner makes a hot gas stream through pipe for heating. 25 mm thick external insulated with steel sheet covering. Temp-Gauge is provided for examining the status leading to uniform quality. It is fabricated by using M.S. Section and plates. It is having 10, 15 upto 30 Tones capacity in various safe like round and U safe.


Control Cabine is insulated cabin is  provided with electric panel to operate the entire plant , the cabin may not have air conditioning system as per client requirements.

Electric control panel is fabricated from 16 SWG CRC sheet and processed with painting, the panel has in –feed  master control, Aggregate flow measurement system, which controls asphalt flow, individual bin, asphalt flow indicator, automatic synchronization of aggregate with asphalt, aggregate and asphalt with totalizer printer for print -out record of all parameters for an instant verify of formula, automatic temp controls with indication, metering for aggregate, asphalt, input voltage, moisture and motor load.


Fuel tank is also supplied with the plant, having 10000 lts capacity with 2000 lts service tank.

Mineral / Lime feeler unit is also fitted at the output end of the plant, this unit into lime / cement /dust feeding rotary pump with fitted motor drive and air blower quantity of filler material to be added in the mix.


 Pollution Control Unit   

Bitumen Tank

Drum Mix Plant-45

Drum Mix Plant-50  

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