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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
Wet Mix Macadam Plant
Pollution Control System
Asphalt Mechanical Paver
Asphalt Semi Hydro Paver
Asphalt Semi 4x(Hydro Paver)
Asphalt cum Wet Mix Paver
Hydrostatic Sensor Paver
Asphalt Boiler (Bitumen)
Bitumen Sprayer
Mechanical Broom (Sweeper)
Chips Spreader(Tail Board type)
Teak Coat Boiler

Paving width   2.5-4.00 m

Auger screw

 Twin Mechanically Drive Abrasion Resistant Auger screw

Paving thickness   Upto 10-200 mm  
Paving speed   4-23 m/min


 Twin hydraulic  operated folding hoppers of 4 Cu.m capacity (Approx.)
Travel speed   15 km/h (Max)

Conveyer (Feeder)

 Twin lane type 80 mm pitch, mechanically drive


 Front - Solid rubber type wheel - 2 Nos.
 Rear - 10.00 x 20 - 16 Ply, 2 Nos.

Screed vibrator

 Hydraulic Drive

Variable hydraulic telescopic screed :-  The main screed is consists of 2.5 m (2500 mm.) center fixed screed plate and other two screed plate operated by hydraulically. Sliding on telescopic cylinder guides. It is 380 mm wide, 12 mm thickness are made of stainless steel. Two kerosene burners. The vibrator hydraulically operated, is fitted on main screed length. Variable lying of width from  2.5 m to 4.00 m  is obtained by means of hydraulic controls.

Weight   8500 kegs.(Approx)
Fuel tank   60 Ltrs
Hydraulic tanks   45 Ltrs
1) Power unit  :

The prime over in the Asphalt Paver Finisher  unit is  Kirloskar make model – 4R1040 Diesel engine – 60 HP @ 1800 RPM, with FIP, Air Compressor,  12V alternator, self start starter , 12V – 21 P Excide make battery, radiator, meters like oil pressure, water temperature, ammeter, air meter, hours  meter, starter button, parking key,  dipper switch etc.

2) Hydraulic parts :
  • Hydraulic Cylinder  Dantal make
  • Hydraulic Pump : Dowty make (made in ltaly)
  • Control Valves : Walvoil (made in ltaly)
  • Hydraulic Motors : Dowty make  (made in ltaly)
  • Hydraulic Pipes are Yokohama make. (Korea)
3) Gear system  : Transmission Gear is easy  to maintain in local market.

* Asphalt Cum Wet Mix Paver is available in this model *

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to development

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